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Vending Service in Ottawa-Gatineau, Montreal and Kingston Area

At Ventrex Vending our products are just as eclectic as our customers. Our clients are compromised from various industries
and include: high schools, universities, community centers, large retail stores and numerous government and business offices
of all sizes.

With so many different people and so many different taste buds, we realize that the perfect snacks and meals will not be the
same for each of our customers. Because of this we work closely with you to determine your vending selections, filling your
machines based on your requests and not on incentives from suppliers.

As unique as our customers are there are a few things that we offer to all of our clients:

For more information on our products or on how Ventrex Vending’s services can create a happier workplace, please call today at 1(888) 690-6333
or email us at