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Vending Machines and Office Coffee Service Laval

Vending Machines LavalNo matter how big or small your Laval operation might be, it can benefit from the services from Ventrex Vending.
Production is a key to your success, and having Ventrex Vending in Laval handle your office coffee or install vending machines can increase production while having your employee’s basic food and beverage needs in the workplace, without leaving and wasting time in the process. Vending machines are added at no cost, and are also maintained, cleaned, filled and kept full free of charge. How many other production increasing ideas can be done for free? Not many!

There are so many vended products to choose from; Pepsi Cola products, Coca Cola products, snacks, foods (frozen, hot or cold), coffee, teas, healthy foods and snacks, sport drinks, energy drinks, water and flavored waters, carbonated and non carbonated drinks, juices, milk, fruits and nuts and so much more! Vending machines can dispense just about anything your hungry and thirsty employees could desire. Vending machines are dependable, stylish and energy efficient. You pick which vending machines you want and what products they carry. Our representative will come to your Laval location and help you determine the best equipment and products that will service your needs. We also sell vending equipment, service vending equipment and can move your vending equipment for you.

Coffee services from Ventrex Vending in Laval can transform your break room into something to be proud of while better supplying the coffee and teas your staff requires. Your break room can be fully stocked with coffees, teas, cups, filters, creamers, sweeteners, plates, utensils and napkins so you not only can serve up great cups of coffee but are ready for office parties and celebrations also. New brewing equipment is available too; single cup brewers, pour through thermos systems or traditional pour over coffee pots.

Having clean crisp drinking water on hand is a must for your Laval employees. We offer water bottle delivery or water filtration installation in Laval. You choose the best way to keep the water flowing and Ventrex Vending delivers!

Email us at or simply call us to get started at (888) 690-6333!


Office Coffee Service Laval