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Vending Machines Ottawa-Gatineau, Montreal and Kingston Area

“Be Bright, Choose Right” is Ventrex Vending’s own proprietary health program. Life is built more often than not on the small, daily
choices we make. “Be Bright, Choose Right” (BRCR) is a program that recognizes that the small choices we make can have large
impacts on our lives.

By placing Ventrex Vending’s machines at your location and dedicating a percentage of your machines to “Be Bright, Choose Right” products you are making a big statement that you care not only about your employee’s health but about your company’s bottom line
as well. By making a small choice, such as substituting regular chips with baked chip options you are supplying your employee with
the ability to choose a healthy lifestyle. Healthy employees are happy and more productive, taking less sick days and creating fewer
health insurance costs.

If you would like more information on our exclusive “Be Bright, Choose Right” program, including a full list of
items that meet the criteria or more information on how healthy eating can lead to a healthier workplace
email us at