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Vending Machines and Office Coffee Service Brockville

Vending Machines BoisbriandYou have decided to consider having vending machines or coffee services in your Brockville establishment-an excellent investment that really requires no “investment” at all!

 Ventrex Vending will install vending equipment, fill them with the food and beverages that you choose, put you on a delivery schedule that keeps your vending machines full, and service and clean your vending machines at no cost. Results will be increased production, morale as your employees have the foods and beverages they need to stay focused without leaving your Brockville location on extended breaks to get what they want.

Ventrex Vending offers our Brockville customers vending machines from Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola, vending machines with healthy foods and beverages, candy vending machines, snack vending machines, food vending machines (hot, cold or frozen), coffee vending machines and vending machines with a host of other quality name brand drinks and foods. Vending options include traditional or benefit vending packages such as subsidized or free vending. Out representative will come to your Brockville site and help you determine what will best meet your needs.

Coffee services from Ventrex Vending in Brockville can also be a huge benefit to your bottom line. Coffee keeps personnel hopping, and a break room with all their favorites keeps them close to their work and focused on what they need to do to stay productive. We have brewing equipment, coffee, teas, cups, plates, creamers, napkins, stir sticks, utensils and sweeteners to help kick start anyone’s day, or night for that matter.

Ventrex Vending can also fulfill your water needs in Brockville. Water bottles and water filtration installation is available to supply your drinking water needs.
Just make the call at (800) 690-6333-we’ll do the rest! You can also email us at


Office Coffee Service Boisbriand